Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to fix Nintendos Save and Channel Copy Protection on 4.0

Many of you (myself included) have updated your Wiis to System Menu Version 4.0 However, upon updating, you had a lot of problems with your SD Card transferring and SD Card Menu functionality.

You realized that you couldn't launch some of your channels from the SD Card Menu or even move them to the Wii Menu. You also realized that some of your save games could no longer be moved to your Wii's System Memory from your SD Card (the twilight hack save being one of them).

All of this happened because of new copy protection features Nintendo put into System Menu 4.0 that no longer allow users to transfer or use fakesigned content on their SD Cards, thus rendering it useless.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to fix all of this. You may recall that an IOS is one of many low level input/output systems that run on the Wii's coprocessor. The IOS responsible for Nintendo's copy protection features in 4.0 is IOS 60. To disable the copy protection features, one must simple insert the trucha (fakesigning) bug into their IOS 60.

This is a lot simpler to do than it sounds. There are actually a couple of ways to do this, all of which are listed below:
  • Have the application "WAD Manager" install my patched IOS 60 WAD.
  • Have the application "WiiSCU" install a patched IOS 60 (trucha+)
See, the solution was far simpler than the problem ;-)

If this guide helped you, please help me by giving the link of it to others who need it.


  1. Two questions.

    1. Isn't that WAD illegal? Because it contains Nintendo code...
    2. Wouldn't you need a trucha IOS to do either of these options, rendering them both useless to most 4.0 users?

  2. unfortunately didnt work :(

  3. there are ways to get trucha IOSs on 4.0

  4. SifJar:
    1.Ask me if I care. The goal here is to help people.
    2.Most people have them. If not, it's very easy to do.

    You're on 4.1 and I solved your problem by telling you to use Waninkos Save Manager didn't I?

  5. not on 4.1 yet i would like to update AND keep my saves.
    am i right that this will let me copy over saves like smash bros brawl or something else?

  6. Yeah, it should. Backup your NAND with BootMii befire you update though just incase.

  7. seems that no matter what i do, install trucha with wadmanager or using dop-IOS, i cant get my saves to copy!!!
    oh well i guess i will have to use startpatch