Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 5 essential SNES games for your emulator

So I went on a really long, boring car ride today. I mean, a really long boring car ride. Luckily, these five SNES titles on my PSP emulator kept me busy the whole time. If you ever have time to kill, and a SNES emulator, be sure to have these five essential SNES games ready to enjoy:

Super Punchout
While not as great as the NES original, trying to overcome each boxer's unique fighting pattern is a challenge worthy of only the best gamers.

It's unconventional nature makes it one of the most refreshing and entertaining RPG's of all time. Who doesn't love aliens?

Super Mario All-Stars and World
Probably the best compilation game ever. It's all of the best mario games and more in one!

Super Metroid
Tight controls, challenging bosses, and endless exploration allow Super Metroid to still be the best Metroid game ever made.

Super Castlevania 4
Castlevania at it's finest before RPG elements were thrown in. How can you not be instantly addicted to the series after spending a few minutes with this?


  1. Agreed, but I would've like to have seen Final Fantasy II or Chrono Trigger mentioned instead of Earthbound.

  2. I recommend playing Tales of Phantasia. That game is amazing. If you can play it without infringing of copyright law, you get extra points!